Submissions for this form are closed.

Application form for Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for non-EU students

The call  for the scholarships Category A is Closed!!

In order to request admission to the EMMC TCCM or to apply for an Erasmus Mundus Category A scholarship, please, send the on-line application form below before the deadline, on the 31st of January, 2013  at 0:00 h (Spain's local time).

After the submission, you will receive a confirmation message containing the data provided. Please, check very carefully the information introduced in the form fields before pressing the submit button: there will be no possibilty of modification after the submission.
Please, note that this call is only for non-European students complying with the 12-month rule (those who have not spent more than 12 months in a European country during the past five years).



Do not forget to send to the Coordinating Intitution ( the following scanned documentation: 

  1. A motivation letter.
  2. A Curriculum Vitae including detailed academic information.
  3. An English transcription of the academic record (and a document describing the subjects studied in the university degree and the marks obtained, with special attention to the ones listed on the "who_and_how” document, for Bachelors not awarded in Europe or different from Physics, Chemistry or Materials Science).
  4. An English transcription of the bachelor degree certificate and any other university degree that you would like to be considered during the selection process.
  5. A valid certificate of English language  (in case it is the teaching language at bachelor level, a certificate issued by the University could be included instead)
  6. A copy of your whole passport, all the pages from the beginning to the end. If your passport doesn't contain the information regarding the last five years, you have to send also a copy of your previuos passport (it's no valid any other document like ID card or birth certificate).
  7. A letter on the conformity with the call guidelines (download template here)

All the documents mentioned above (1.-7.) must be sent in the same pdf document (maximum file size: 3 MB, maximum length: 20 pages). The first page of that document must contain a list with all the documentation included on it (all the points listed above are mandatory) and the number of page within the document, as a Table of Contents.

IMPORTANT: The subject of the electronic mail should be: EMTCCM_TC13_FirstName.FamilyName being FirstName and FamilyName equal to the contents of the fields first name and family name in the online application form. In any other case, your application might not be processed.

Upon receipt of your electronic mail, the application documents will be reviewed by an expert at the Coordinating Institution. In a few days(1), you will be notified about (a) inconsistencies and/or missing or incorrect documentation that should be re-sent to complete your application, or (b) the completion of your application, depending on your case.

The required and corrected documents should be sent, preferably, before January 31st, but always before February 8th, 2013, at 0:00 h (Spain's local time).(2)
After that date, applicants who have succesfully completed their application will receive a message containing useful information and important dates. Incomplete applications will be discarded.

(1) During holydays, Christmas time, and close to the end of the call, the time taken to review your application may be longer, so be strongly reccomend you to send your application at earliest as possible.
(2) Although applicants are allowed to complete their supporting documentation up to the 8th of February, on-line applications that has not been accompanied by any document sent by electronic mail, before the 31st of January, 2013, may not be considered.
(3) Any academic achievement who has not been supported with the corresponding certificate before the 7th of February, 2013, may not be considered.
(4) Form fields with an asterisk mark are mandatory 
For any question you may have, please send us a message to