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Technician contract in Manuel Alcamí’s group (MolPM) in UAM

A technician contract (20 h. per week) is available in the group of Prof. Manuel Alcamí at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (MolPM group), in the framework of a synergy project funded by the Madrid regional government (Y2020/EMT-6290, PRIES-CM).

The selected candidate will provide support for the management of the project, acting as liaison between the project coordinators and the funders; provide support for the project implementation, website management, social networks, and other outreach activities: manage and support the exploitation of scientific results; search for additional funding and support the preparation of new proposals; act as intermediary with partners and other interested parties; and provide administrative support and assistance to the project Management Committee, etc.
The position should ideally start by mid-September/October 2022 and will last until the end of the project (by June 2024). In case of interest please also write to
Click the docs for more info:

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