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Professor at Chemistry Institute, University of Brasilia

“The TCCM Master introduced me in the stimulating world of simulations in Chemistry, with international focus, I had the opportunity to know professors and researchers coming from different areas of the theoretical  chemistry.

At TCCM I made many friendship from different parts of the world, such friendships I keep for all my life. TCCM Master was an enjoyable experience. Best wishes for all member of this wonderful scientific fellowship”.


Postdoc in AKGarcía group, Organic Chemistry Department, Muenster, Germany.

“The TCCM Master opened my eyes on the countless possibilities of the use of computational simulations in the Chemistry world. It gathered excellent senior scientists that were sharing their experience with the students. Excellent opportunity for the future PhD. Hard time studying/working period that strengthened friendly ties. The international friendships that bounded us that time we keep enjoying nowadays”.


Post-doctoral Scholar, Computational Research Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA

“The TCCM Master was a great opportunity for me to get into top-level research institutions worldwide. I am very glad to have applied and been awarded this scholarship because it really opened to me the door for big advances not only in my scientific career but in my personal life, too”.


PhD student and researcher, Molecular modelling and Bioinformatics group, IRB Barcelona, Spain.

“Erasmus Mundus TCCM Master was a perfect starting point to understand the world of computational chemistry and to acquire knowledge about most important software in this field. It helped me to identify in which direction I want to orient my career in science and opened me a door to many international positions for PhD and jobs in industry”.


PhD Student in Christov Computational Research Group, Department of Chemistry, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, USA.

“TCCM Master remains one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I enjoyed every bit of the program. The Master program introduced me into the field of computational chemistry. The intensive course part of the master program was very superb because it was after the course that I decided on the area of computational chemistry I want to explore. The research experiences that were garnered during the second year of the program have been contributing positively to my current PhD program In addition, I was able to tour Europe and make new friends from different countries. Thanks to the EMTCCM committees with the support of the European Union for this wonderful opportunity that was bestowed on me ”.


Publisher for Surface Science at Elsevier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

“The Master was an excellent personal and professional experience. I learned a lot about the world of theoretical chemistry and I decided to do a PhD and 2 psotdocs in this field. In addition, I met people who became my colleagues and some of them even my best friends”.


Senior Researcher and PI, Hylleraas Centre, Univ. of Oslo (Norway).

“The TCCM Master provided me with solid theoretical and practical foundations of computational chemistry. One of the best features was to bring together students from all over Spain at a single place and for a significantly long period of time (Salamanca for one month in 2002). I keep in contact with some of the people that I met there. Overall, I would rate this Master as one of the best actions taken during my PhD education”.


Principal Investigator, Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute (TBSI), TCD (Ireland).

“The TCCM was a great experience from both, the educational and personal perspective, giving me the opportunity to meet people everywhere but also different areas of the Quantum Chemistry”.


Research Scientist, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

“I got to the TCCM Master thanks to my thesis supervisor. It introduced me in the world of modelling and simulations in Chemistry and provided me with international colleagues and friends that I keep enjoying nowadays”.